Deep Dive App

A fun educational app, teaching children about life below the sea.

Skills used.

  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Prototyping
  • Illustration
  • Typography

Great Barrier Brief

Our brief for one of our projects was to create a travel app. Now this could be pretty broad, it could range from an app about the best sushi places in Japan to an app to help the elderly about their day - as long as it had an aspect of travel to it.

At first I jumped to the idea of Skiing because I LOVE it, although I wanted to create a unique experience of something that would test my skills and abilities, as well as making a difference for the user, finding the app helpful. After mind mapping a few ideas, I decided to go with educating children about life below the sea.

Mindmapping initial ideas

Target Divers

The main target users were children aged bewtween 4-10, this gave me a good idea of what content to include, which style of illustration to use, colours and typography etc. So it was time to get sketching.

Diving into the design

First I sketched out a rough idea of how the child would work their way throught the app, focusing on their experience. I decided on the idea of the child, as they scrolled they went depper into the ocean, revealing more creatures as they went. They could then click on these creatures and as a result be educated with a few simple facts relating to them(A lot of which where new to me).

The next attribute to design were the creatures, I decided on 5 main creatures that are well known and started sketching each one out.

Wireframe sketches

Meet the Crew

Once I had decided and researched a few kids books for inspiration, it was time to jump onto my laptop and get designing on Sketch. I started with the sea creatures as they were the most time consuming but also vital to the app's functionality and then followed with creating a realistic sea scene. I gathered all the facts included from National Geographic, ensuring the information I was displaying was correct and genuinely educating the kids. The app was now starting to come together, starting to feel like an underwater project.

Sea creatures created in Sketch.


The final app turned out really well and what I had envisioned from the start, how that it was educational yet a fun filled experienced with friendly illustrations to grab the attention of the kids. This was also my first experience prototyping an app, a great experience exploring Invision and all it has to offer. Although it was an experience of trial and error, yet it worked out well in the end - I really thought the prototype helped portray the 'scrolling to get deeper' function and brought the app to life.

Final Screens - Deep Dive App