Chilean Miner Disaster Infographic

An informative infographic based on the Chilean Miner Disaster, making information pretty.

Skills used.

Site Plans

So our brief for this project was to create an infographic on world population. I started to do a little research on infographics as a whole to see what was out there, whilst in the back of my mind I was contemplating ideas. I saw a few great ones and others not so much, the focus I wanted to have was making the information look pretty but also have some depth to it, so the reader would actually learn something.

I wanted to create an infographic on a topic not many have been created for before i.e. world population, food that was bad for you, but the topic of natural/world disasters interested me - this train of thought led me to the Chilean miner disaster. I remember learning about it in school, and how the facts shocked me - I wanted to create the same experience for the reader.

Digging the facts out

A large part of this project was providing the user with reliable, accurate and informative content. I really did take a lot of time to research this disaster, putting together different dates, different situations that happened, who was involved, why it happened etc. all the necessary information to know. I got this knowledge from news articles, YouTube videos - the whole works to try and build an infographic with information which was ACTUALLY interesting.

Mindmapping content ideas

Designing the blue prints

Once I had gathered all the necessary content, it gave me a better idea of how to lay it all out and how to design the infographic in the most efficient way.

After gaining a little knowledge of different infographic techniques it also gave me an insight into the various ways of displaying the content - whether that be through graphics, diagrams, different typography etc.

Inital wireframe sketches

After doing a few sketches of the infographic, seeing how big it was going to be I started to design it on Sketch - and from then the infographic came to life.

Look & Feel

Typography was a large factor to get right for this project, it needed to resemble a building site, yet still be easy to read and not get lost or take away from the illustrations. 'Fjalla One'was the winner for display text and 'Roboto' for the main body content. I felt these fonts served their purposes well, and worked perfectly as a pair.

I wanted to incorporate colours that were related to the flag of Chile - red, white & blue. Adobe Color was a great help to bring together the perfect combination and tone of colours I would use throughout the infographic.

"Out-come" the miners

The infographic turned out really well, I loved the process and the challenge of making 1000s of words look pretty. Check out the full infographic by clicking the button below and test your knowledge on the Chilean Miner Disaster.