Kids Club Invite Re-design

A jungle inspired re-design of an A5 invite and banners for a Holiday Bible Club.

Skills Used.

The old design was giraffing me crazy

Every year at the end of August, our church holds a Holiday Bible Club in our area. Now, after 10 years of the same invite design which looked a little out dated, it was time for a new, fresh idea & that was when I stepped in!

Two main areas that needed improvement were typography and colours. With about 5 different fonts used it was almost like a Google fonts advertisement leaflet - well, not quite. The colours also, alongside the graphics needed a re-vamp, with yellow and pink clashing and pictures of kids which were now probably 40 years old.

Another problem was the ‘consent form’ section. Information was either unclear, not included or unnecessary elements were included so that needed addressed.

Target monkeys

I wanted this invite to appeal to both the kids & parents which lived in the area - so I needed to design an interface because both groups, ideally would be reading it. Something that would grab the attention of kids, yet be intriguing and informative to the parents. Almost like party on the front, business on the back. The kids, more specifically, ranged from about 4-11 so I knew I could focus on a younger styled design.

Zoo Keepers

So for the design, it was just me - I loved having the freedom for a project which seemed pretty big and I could have pretty much free reign over how I wanted it to look. Thankfully those in my church trusted me & were there for mini critiques at the various stages - making sure I was including all the necessary information on the invitation and the design worked.

Design time

To start the process I decided to deconstruct the initial invite and decide what aspects I wanted to get rid of, keep or update - I also asked for other’s opinions who were involved with the Holiday Bible Club over the years, to see if they felt anything should be added or taken away.

I then had a little brainstorm on what theme I could go for, what would kids be interested in, what would appeal to them(both girls & boys) & also a topic that linked in well with summer time.

After focusing in on the jungle idea I started drawing my ideas up on paper, sketching layouts that I could use, jungle animals, typography placement etc., general layout and how the whole invite could come together.

Previous Invite Design
Wireframe sketches

2 by 2

After getting all my ideas out on paper it was time to jump onto Sketch and start exploring the visual design - bringing my sketches to life and give them a little meaning. Illustrating the characters and greenery really brought the invite to life and really helped grasp the jungle theme I was aiming towards.

Illustrated Jungle Characters

Making the boring stuff look pretty

The back and most informative part of the invite was definitely the most challenging, how could I compile loads of information on one side of an A5 sheet while also looking appealing and easy to fill out? That’s the meaning of design, solving the problem of piles of information onto a visually pleasing design.

Outcome with the zookeeper

I, along with others in my church were pleased with the re-design and I genuinely felt it really gave a brighter, more clean cut design - only having the absolute necessary information present, giving room for a jungle-fun design. The new banners, with the coherent designs worked well to advertise the Holiday Bible Club alongside these invites & we had a great week.